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Living with chronic pain and debilitating ailments not only affects one's physical health but also has an immense impact on social, home and work life. Greenzone Therapy understands that evidence has shown that Cannabinoid based therapies can assist and improve treatments for ailments such as Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Nausea/Vomiting, Arthritis, Cancer, ADHD, Autism.

  1. Book an Appointment

  3. Intake, Assessment and Consultation (Education)
  4. At your first appointment you will need to provide any outstanding information on your application form *hyperlink?*. Our compassionate Doctors will assess your ailment and collaborate with the Education Team to tailor fit each patient to their Medical Cannabis regime.

  5. Prescription Counseling
  6. Once you have seen the Doctor and Educator, you will be prescribed to consume and carry your Medical Cannabis throughout Canada. This prescription will be filled out through the Licensed Producer of your choice. The Education Team will provide support through email as well as over the phone after your visit.

  7. Follow Up
  8. It is important to follow up with Green Zone Therapy Doctors to ensure you are getting the most benefit out of your Medical Cannabis experience. Our team can help schedule your follow up to fit your needs and schedule.

  9. Renewal
  10. Based on the length of your prescription and if you re-qualify, you will have to schedule an appointment for renewal. Most of the prescriptions signed through our clinic are a year in length.

Consultation Appointment
Intake, Assessment and Consultation
Prescription Counseling
Follow Up
Personal Possession/Production
Starting at $50 Per Gram
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Refund Policy

GreenZone Therapy offers to assist patients through consultation with a licensed Healthcare Practitioner and completing their applications to access their medical cannabis from a Health Canada Licensed Producer or grow their own medical cannabis for personal consumption. In the case of non-authorization by the Health Care Practitioner, we offer a refund for services.