If you consume Cannabis for medical purposes, we can help you get registered with Health Canada.

Booking an appointment at our medical marijuana clinic is as easy as submitting your name, email & phone number and pressing submit.

About GreenZone Therapy

Greenzone Therapy, Medical Marijuana Clinic based in Toronto, and it’s affiliated partners are committed to helping patients navigate through their journey of receiving quality medical cannabis care. We will connect patients with educated, understanding healthcare practitioners who can help them reach their individualized treatment goals. Greenzone Therapy selects a variety of the highest quality licensed producers and medical cannabis choices.

We do this without having to source or carry the product, in fact the product will be shipped directly from the licensed producer to the patient by courier, efficiently and safely. Greenzone Therapy clinics are key players in a fully integrated and accessible Cannabis Pharmaceutical industry. We strive to consistently provide progressive educational training to our health care providers, as well as provide informed guidance to our patients through programs, brochures, posters, and kiosks.

At the end of September 2018, there were approximately 342,100 medical cannabis patients registered in Canada, and this number is continuing to increase over time as patients realize the benefits that high quality medical cannabis can provide them. Are you in the Green Zone?

Our team at Green Zone Therapy is committed to the ongoing education of patients, physicians and the general public about how the medical benefits of cannabis can improve quality of life.