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When managed properly, Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) is an effective, alternative medicine for chronic pain and other severe diseases. There are many types of cannabis strains/genetics. Each strain offers unique effects, medical uses and results, based on its compounds – the cannabinoids and terpenes it produces. Medical marijuana/cannabis patient services by GreenZone Therapy ensures that the appropriate steps are taken to provide you with the healthcare as per Health Canada's Regulations. We provide complete consultation, prescription counselling, free renewals and follow-ups. Learn More

The majority of the patients seen by doctors at GreenZone are referred by their family doctor or other treating physician. The physicians at GreenZone are always available to answer any questions. We look forward to collaborating with you and providing your patients the best care possible. Our 3 step processing makes it very easy for your patients to connect with GreenZone Therapy. Our Administrative staff will help you with forms along with any medical documentation that you may have, in order to help our clinics confirm your diagnosis. Learn More.

If you want GreenZone to help you get registered with Health Canada as a patient and help you navigate through the journey of receiving quality medical cannabis care, you can register now. Download our referral or intake form, fill it up and we'll take it from there.